With our experience in dynamic information display systems we understand the importance of highly qualified display hardware.


The latest FIDS technology makes it possible to save tremendously on your energy cost. Our software adjusts the backlights of the LED-displays depending on the reproducible colors and light intensity on the display panels.
Infologic developed displays that benefit at the maximum from the interaction of software and hardware.

Display Controllers
To keep hardware technology close to the software solutions, we launched a high-tech display controller with the best price-quality ratio. This unit controls the display panel. It is especially developed to connect display hardware to our software and stores all kinds of content for you to display. We designed this small black-box for build-in purposes. The flat case can easily be implemented in the housing of adapted TFT devices or integrated with display mounting constructions.

Infologic develops all display controllers in accordance with the general CE guidelines and international quality regulations.

This special display controller has been developed to provide you the freedom of choice for any type of display device. The Infologic display controller is a mini PC that can run a display software client under Windows or Linux and drives any commercially available LED, LCD or Plasma display.

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