Advertisement Information System

Display templates with multimedia components and integrated real-time information, or as dedicated multimedia presentations.


The Infologic FIDS fully supports the display of multimedia content. FIDS enables the design of display templates with multimedia components in combination with flight information, or as dedicated multimedia presentations. The Infologic Multimedia Playlist Manager is part of the Foundation FIDS for easy playlist creation and maintenance.

Advertisement and security content can be scheduled in many ways. Infologic provides the use of playlists to schedule the display of movies and other content once, once per day or per week or in any other logical time interval. Playlists can be made available to plan a program of movies and other content to be played at designated times. Content can be displayed on a single display or at groups of displays simultaneously.

Data driven, multimedia enabled display templates
Any combination of multimedia content in a single template is supported. Movies, pictures and Flash content can be used or even dynamically selected based upon any database field, e.g. a British Airways flight to Warsaw displays a BA commercial movie of Warsaw while a Polish Airlines flight to Warsaw displays the LOT commercial movie automatically.

Multimedia content categories
Besides advertising, FIDS supports the use of all kinds of content. Security messages such as “Deposit keys, coins and mobile phones in a basket” at the X-Ray gate, or “Do not walk on the baggage belts” are easily integrated into their respective display definitions. Emergency and evacuation messages can be displayed when calamities occur. Near the tax free shops, product information movies can be displayed. Infologic can set up any type or combination in consultation with the airport management. More information on additional page samples can be provided upon request.

The system keeps detailed information regarding content played and stores this for later reference and reporting.
A text based export file can be created for import in third party billing systems or Microsoft Excel.

The campaigns can be targeted per area or even dedicated at individual display devices. Advanced multimedia content management allows airports to schedule targeted advertisement in easily configurable programs.

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