Passenger Information And Entertainment System

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride: Accurate trip information and entertainment for the Public Transport Industry.

We evolved in the airport industry and expanded in public transport. Real-time information on display is relevant for the travel industry as a whole.

Our information display systems can serve for the travel industry as a whole. It provides travelers with accurate trip information and entertainment at the same time.

The strength of PIAES is based on its architecture. Each train calculates accurate speed, travel time and
arrival times at upcoming stations to continuously inform passengers of their trip. Trains communicate
with the railway datacenter through wireless connections to show information of delay and departure times
of connecting trains at transfer stations. Yet each train consists of an individual system and can run without any external information.

Railway management can monitor train location, speed and delay information in detail for each running train from a central control room. They can check on-board hardware and system health remotely, and display disruption or emergency messages in trains from their workstation.

PIAES provides special features for entertainment during a trip. Passengers watch commercials, news and weather facts in combination with dynamic travel information, as well as location specific information when a train passes a special point of interest.

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