Flight Information Display System

A sophisticated, real-time, fast and powerful system which can
integrate multimedia content and has a built-in central database.


Provide your passengers with high-quality signage and information to guide them in the right direction. Twenty years of knowledge and experience in development of Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) make our FIDS one of the most experienced and innovative information display systems around. FIDS is our core business; it has our constant attention. We are FIDS.

With an Infologic FIDS, airports can efficiently target different passenger groups and provide them easily with the flight information they need. Infologic provides a sophisticated, real-time, fast and powerful system which can integrate multimedia content. Use this functionality to show details of the destination at the check-in desk and run advertisement campaigns throughout the premises, amongst many other sophisticated features, such as multi-language display, walking distances on the airport, weather forecast for destinations. Please contact our sales department to discuss your wishes and requirements.

The Infologic FIDS is designed as scalable and easy to configure. Using functionality such as task scheduling, renders our FIDS the best flexibility in real-time information processing and the guarantee to display that information on the right display at the exact time needed.

Due to the open connectivity of the Infologic FIDS, connections to a central AODB and other AODB-related applications can be established in a flexible yet secure way. The Infologic FIDS provides the latest display technology and still supports all existing display types. The FIDS uses standard relational databases to store, select and distribute real-time data.

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