Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Schiphol Group: We aim to rank among the world’s leading airport companies, positioning Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as Europe’s preferred airport.


Schiphol became our customer in 1997 and has been a loyal partner ever since.

After having successfully implemented the FIDS, Infologic supplied a Content Management System, Multimedia Display Controllers and many new features and functionality.

Nowadays the displays present real-time flight information in combination with any kind of other content, all in a single display. The Schiphol Dynamic Displays project is a successful and impressive project to achieve that.

At Schiphol the display clusters are characteristic: an impressive set of linked displays presenting over 200 flights!

“Schiphol Group views an airport as an AirportCity: a dynamic environment in which people and businesses, logistics and shops, information and entertainment come together and strengthen each other.”